• Introduction to the Museum
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Introduction to the MuseumIntroductory Words

Numerous enterprises arise,
but only a few of them make history.

The Ambassador Hotel Group is a private entity with the longest history in
the Korean hotel industry. Our history began with the Keumsoochang Hotel,
equipped with 19 guest rooms, in 1955. Now, the Ambassador exceeds the
history of an Enterprise and is writing the history of the Korean hotel industry.

The Ambassador Museum, Eujong Hall, as the first and only museum of hotel
history in Korea, compiles such precious historical fragments and exhibits not
only the history of the Ambassador Hotel Group but that of the Korean hotel
industry, too.

The Eujong Hall Ambassador Museum embodies the customer-oriented spirit
of the Ambassador and traces the great footprints left by the hotel, which has
been a major milestone in the Korean hotel industry for over 60 years.

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